Try to answer the questions in the following situations.

Situation 01 : 

You have graduated recently. You are facing  an interview . Can you answer these questions ?

  1. How many Brass in a truck of size 15’*8’*4′ ?
  2. How many Square Feet in 4 Acres ?
  3. How much Concrete in 1 TM ?
  4. What is weight of 1000 Litres of water ?
  5. How many cement bags in 1 truck of 20MT ?
  6. What is the process of concreting at site ?
  7. What is the full form of AAC  ?
  8. What is the full form of HYSD ?
  9. Can you tell , how much material shall be needed for this RCC slab ?
  10. What is the meaning of M20 concrete ?

Case 02 : You are working at a site for last 3 years . Imagine that you are facing an interview for a better job , you are asked:

  1. Can you prepare the Bar bending schedule for this RCC beam ?                                                                                                     
  2. What is the cover specified for Slab,beams,Shear wall ?
  3. If you have to verify the reinforcement for a RCC slab , what are the things you shall check and how ?
  4. Can you tell how many stirrups shall be needed for a beam of span 12m, if stirrup spacing is 150 mm c/c ?
  5. What shall be the cutting length of the Stirrup if the Beam size is 250mm*450mm
  6. What shall be the proportion for M30 grade concrete ?
  7. How much Cement shall be required for 1 cum of this concrete ?                                                                                               
  8. What shall be the cost of materials for 1 cum of concrete ?
  9. Can you determine item rate to be quoted for form work  ?
  10. What is the process of laying of a PT slab ?

What was your experience in the test ?

How many questions you could solve ?


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