Course Title : How to prepare the Bar Bending Schedule like a Pro ?

Course Objective :

After completion of the course , the student shall be able to :

  1. Understand the terms associated with reinforcement and can read the reinforcement drawing
  2. Find out the shape, cutting length and weight of reinforcement
  3. Prepare the bar bending schedule from any RCC drawing

Module 01 : Basics   :

  1. What are the Basics of ReBars ?
  2. How to find the unit weight of bars?
  3.  What are the basic shapes for re-bars ?
  4. What is meant by Cover ?
  5. What is Cutting Length ?
  6. What is meant by Bent up bar ?
  7. How to find the cutting length of a bent up bar ?
  8. What is meant by laps ?

Module 02 : Applications :   :

  1. Different types of reinforcement for  a RCC beam
          1. Solved example of  Rebars for RCC Ground beam
          2. Solved example of ground beam G1
          3. How to find rings with reduced spacing in a beam  ?
          4. Solved example of P7 type of beam
  1. How to find the cutting length of a stirrup ?
  2. What are the different types of slabs ?
  3. Reinforcement of One way and two way slabs :
  4.  Reinforcement of RCC columns
  5. Reinforcement of RCC footings